Whoa! Is There Poop In The Weed I’m Smoking?

One of the downsides to consuming any drug that comes from the illicit market these days is, you just never know where it’s been or what sort of mad science it was packaged with. This is even true in the case of our old pal, marijuana. It’s like one second you’re chiefing out on a seemingly ordinary strain of weed, enjoying all of the slap-stick benefits of quality smoke, when all of a sudden your veins start throbbing to the beat of the music. Then, just as you realize that your no-good dealer sold you some dope laced with embalming fluid, your pecker gets all paranoid and shit, sprouts a goddamned fiendish set of fangs and comes climbing up through the top of your pants to devour you. The

CBD Suppositories Are The Next Marijuana Product Craze, Butt Do They Make Sense?

Any story that begins with “It was a Monday morning,” is destined to depress the hell out of the readers and perhaps even ruin the week of the most optimistic grinders in the American workforce. So, let’s just say that this tale I’m about to spill to you fine folks began at some point following a mighty fun weekend of stoned magic, courtesy of the finest legal marijuana being trafficked into the Hoosier highlands. I’m only softening the blow here because the subject matter contained in this piece of journalism is to be considered more devastating than, say, being forced to crawl out of bed early in the morning after a seriously dedicated couple of days of self-destruction. Read more at FORBE

Choking The Chicken Too Tight Can Cause Problems In The Boudoir

Some of us are apparently choking the chicken a little too hard during those daily whack sessions. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a problem: Jerk and let jerk, you know? But a new report suggests that using a “death grip” to masturbate is complicating matters in the bedroom. Listen, we get it. Being a dude is a pretty fucked up way to go through life, especially since our unofficial second brain dangles between our legs, mocking us at every turn. You may have noticed throughout the years that it is next to impossible to focus on all of the important matters as long our schlongs are in control and doing all of the thinking. It’s like we’ve got a laundry list of chores, errands t

Enough With The 420 Nonsense Already, Marijuana Industry Should Embrace Summer Holidays

Allow me to begin this column by saying that I’m taking next week off. Just try and stop me. No, it’s not that I need an early vacation – although a vacation at all would be nice. I’m trying my best this year to avoid the onslaught of article requests that are destined to come pouring in soon from nearly every cannabis publication known to man asking whether I will write something fun, thoughtful or a combination of those things about the upcoming 420 anniversary. For those of you who have been too preoccupied with the news that matters, April 20th is to the cannabis culture what Christmas is to religious zealots and small children. It is the one day a year that hardcore high timers get to s

Here’s The Science Behind Why It’s So Easy To Get Hammered During Backyard BBQs

New research explains that drinking heavily during backyard cookouts has more to do with our brains and less to do with being social. Getting shit-faced drunk with friends and neighbors during those all-important backyard fiestas is a tradition that goes back to the post-World War II generation. It was a nervous time when Americans, presumably still frightened by the idea that sickos like Hitler could still be out there looking for world domination, hit the road to see more of the United States just in case the big bomb came crashing down and killed them all. However, these people eventually made their way back home and, rather than slip back into a mundane way of life, they attempted to rec

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