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Enough With The 420 Nonsense Already, Marijuana Industry Should Embrace Summer Holidays

Allow me to begin this column by saying that I’m taking next week off. Just try and stop me. No, it’s not that I need an early vacation – although a vacation at all would be nice. I’m trying my best this year to avoid the onslaught of article requests that are destined to come pouring in soon from nearly every cannabis publication known to man asking whether I will write something fun, thoughtful or a combination of those things about the upcoming 420 anniversary.

For those of you who have been too preoccupied with the news that matters, April 20th is to the cannabis culture what Christmas is to religious zealots and small children. It is the one day a year that hardcore high timers get to show their appreciation for marijuana through a series of hippy-dippy events and other ganja-related gobbledygook. It’s the stoner equivalent of a Hallmark holiday, yet it is celebrated with so much fanfare that even federal lawmakers are now referencing it in legislation. Seriously, there is a marijuana measure in Congress right now known as the “420 bill.”

Read the rest of this article at FORBES.

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