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Here’s The Science Behind Why It’s So Easy To Get Hammered During Backyard BBQs

New research explains that drinking heavily during backyard cookouts has more to do with our brains and less to do with being social.

Getting shit-faced drunk with friends and neighbors during those all-important backyard fiestas is a tradition that goes back to the post-World War II generation.

It was a nervous time when Americans, presumably still frightened by the idea that sickos like Hitler could still be out there looking for world domination, hit the road to see more of the United States just in case the big bomb came crashing down and killed them all.

However, these people eventually made their way back home and, rather than slip back into a mundane way of life, they attempted to recreate the devil-may-care lifestyle that they enjoyed while hanging out in hot spots like California, Florida and Hawaii.

They iced down coolers, grilled a variety of meats and brought the Tiki-bar social scene to suburbia. It was nothing for those bastards to get so turned up at some point in the evening that it was almost guaranteed that one of them was going end up humping the paint off the plastic pink flamingos and pass out in the weeds.

Read the rest at BroBible.

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