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Whoa! Is There Poop In The Weed I’m Smoking?

One of the downsides to consuming any drug that comes from the illicit market these days is, you just never know where it’s been or what sort of mad science it was packaged with. This is even true in the case of our old pal, marijuana. It’s like one second you’re chiefing out on a seemingly ordinary strain of weed, enjoying all of the slap-stick benefits of quality smoke, when all of a sudden your veins start throbbing to the beat of the music. Then, just as you realize that your no-good dealer sold you some dope laced with embalming fluid, your pecker gets all paranoid and shit, sprouts a goddamned fiendish set of fangs and comes climbing up through the top of your pants to devour you. The headline trending the next day in the social media reads: Man-Eating Cock Swallows Pothead Trying To Save Its Own Ass.

Read more at BroBible.

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