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Writing for HIGH TIMES...Again!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I was supposed to wait until Friday to reveal the big news, but fuck it, here goes: Sooooo, I just signed a new contract to write for the print edition of High Times Magazine. That’s right, kids, I’m back! Some of you, my many friends and loyal readers, found me on social media nearly a decade ago after catching my countess articles and mad ramblings in both the online and print editions. Man, we had some fun back then, didn’t we? Washington DC, Colorado, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Ohio, New York! We partied our asses off and I met a lot of fantastic people in every city. Good Gawd, I never imagined the day would come when I’d be back where this whole wild-ass career of mine got started, but lo and behold it has happened. I’m excited to bring the Adams style back to the publication after nearly five years and I hope that you, most of you anyway, will follow me in this endeavor.

I wrote a story about trichomes for the June 2022 issue. I have two more coming out soon in the August and September issues. Hope you'll check them out! -Mike

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